I am Grog

I’m most well-known as the singer/bass player and face of rock band Die So Fluid

I cut my teeth musically in London, England, having formed my first band FLINCH while taking a degree in fine art at Chelsea School of Art on the Kings Road. Before that, I sang in choirs, had a classical training in piano and clarinet and even toured with an orchestra in Canada. 

Some early standout moments include Flinch winning the acclaimed ‘In The City’ music award, doing our first John Peel Session and then being featured on his show when we played Reading Festival. 

The band transformed into FELINE and soon after - in a flourish of champagne, parties and private jets - we signed a major record deal with EMI:Chrysalis. Numerous TV and radio appearances followed (MTV, BBC), and we toured the world playing live with THE CATHERINE WHEEL, KENICKIE (with Lauren Laverne), SCARFO (with Jamie Hince from The Kills), and many, many others. 

Still developing our ultimate sound, loyal fans stayed for the ride as we morphed into our final band incarnation DIE SO FLUID, although we experienced a false start as I was suddenly hospitalized with life-threatening pancreatitis. For me though it was a blessing in disguise and the beginning of a much deeper and authentic journey. 

The band has been making killer rock music and maintaining its cool cult status for over a decade, always shifting the bar higher with each tour and record release. Highlights have been appearances at festivals like Hard Rock Hell, London Bass Guitar Show, and tours with DROWNING POOLEISBRECHER, MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE, MY RUIN, Ill NINO, MAJ KARMA, and PRONG

I relocated to Los Angeles seven years ago and I have been a dedicated yogi for five years; I'm now a qualified teacher. I also trained in silversmithing and passed my motorcycle test. Along the way, I have had the great pleasure of working with an array of artists doing both live and studio session work, and collaborative projects: TOM DiCILLO, MEL C, KELLY and OZZY OSBOURNE and DAVE ROWNTREE, to name a few of the most notable. 

DIE SO FLUID is set to release a new album in late 2017, and I have found myself in an intensely inspired creative place in time and space, producing material that spills beyond the framework of what constitutes a classic DIE SO FLUID album. This has led me to the natural decision to set out as a solo artist. 

Grateful for the amazing and colourful journey I’ve experienced so far, my ever-widening perspective drives me further in the need to communicate ideas musically, stuff that’s important to me, and share some of these more personal offerings. It's the ideal opportunity for experimentation with no rules or limitations. The epic folks at Strataville have teamed up with me to make this happen, so open your mind and let's enjoy the ride!