Welcome to ‘Art and Apparel’ where I blog about whatever I’m currently working on if it’s worthy of a read!  I’m in constant conversation as an artist and songwriter with what’s going on around me. What I make is usually an intuitive response that needs to be set free and expressed so my inner- kettle doesn’t boil over out of control - how’s that for a most English description?! 

I’ve always enjoyed making one-of-a-kind things to wear for stage and videos, etc. It can add a deeper dimension of style and character. When I first moved to the US I took a course in silversmithing with master silversmith and jeweler Gordon Wainwright. I learnt the basics with him and began to experiment. I opened an Etsy shop and started to sell unique pieces to the lovely throng of customers they attracted. 

I’m now bringing it all home to IAmGrog where items available for purchase will feature in the Boutique. Generally the various things I do interact with and inform each other in a pleasing way. Time is the trickiest part of the formula but actually you need to develop an extremely yogic zen attitude as a silversmith - nothing can be rushed - because you’re literally playing with fire. 

Making real stuff with my hands right now feels like a healthy antidote to social media addiction, and as a recurring topic in my songwriting I guess that’s a major player in what I’m responding to. I’m interested in the soul, the spirit, the earth, the heart, the truth. 

the story of the hat


I love the style of traditional and Imperial Russian costume, and I wanted to create a piece inspired by the romance and detail of the Russian Kokoshnik, combined with my old friend Vania Zouravliov’s cover illustration artwork that he made for the Die So Fluid album Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending


The base of my headdress is a simple astrakhan Russian style hat with a flat top.

I attached the regal Taurean horns which I had from a previous photo shoot and video by tightly stitching loops through slots on the sides of the horns.

Then I sewed on a large V-shaped piece of vintage Viennese lace with the point hanging down at the centre. Cheeky.


I hand painted and sprayed black various silk flowers I had picked up from a closing down sale and left some of the purple and plum colour showing through to give a subtle iridescent effect. Also, I stitched on some feathers at the sides.



The centrepiece is a black resin heart that I cast in a mold created from a vintage cabochon. I think I’m going to make more of these gorgeous hearts as I’d like to make a hand sewn detailed bib necklace in a similar style to the hat. If it’s a success it will appear in the boutique!