Solo Grog

Let me tell you a bit about my first release, In Plain Sight, in a blog stylee.

As an Englisher living in the US you can't avoid noticing the abundance of religions here, and the prevalence of cults. I got fascinated and started researching, after finding out we used to live opposite the location of the Source restaurant, ran by Father Yod (worth a google).

First let me state loud and clear I think everyone should be allowed to believe in whatever they want as long as it doesn't cause suffering. People have lost their grasp of the true meaning of worship - religious groups were made as vehicles to unite us, not to divide, or as a means to get rich and so powerful you become untouchable. I can see why the opportunity to take advantage of a culture that encourages spiritual freedom, and get a tax exempt status as a religious movement here is irresistible to a certain type of psychologically impaired ego maniac. 

Grog Rox - still from 'In Plain Sight' video shoot

Grog Rox - still from 'In Plain Sight' video shoot

Some movements start out innocently and turn into an epic nightmare, some start with good intentions and just don't work out. But some set out intentionally to prey on the weak and vulnerable to gain power and make money, turning them into slaves with brainwashing and threats for those who question. 

I met some lovely people who had bravely made their escape from such a group but still have children inside who are not allowed to contact them. I took part in a peaceful protest with them which was an intense and at times fairly scary experience. When my research took me to the most evil details of full blown cult behaviour I was moved to write about it, it's unbelievable and outrageous to me that this can carry on day to day 'hidden in plain sight' and so I hope the song might also help to spread some awareness. This was the starting point for the lyrics and it soon became clear they would continue to increase in pertinence with escalating global civil unrest, racial disharmony, terrorist brainwashing, not to mention political propaganda with the practice of blatant lying we're seeing to win campaigns. This is a time when more than ever before we need to strive for unity, learn to trust our instincts, stand up for our principles in peace, rise to our light and refuse to live in any kind of fear. 

Songs speak for themselves and I'll leave it up to you to make your own associations, I did have a bit of fun making the video