Thank you friends.

New labradorite pyramid rings

Warning: there will be English spelling in this blog! Haha!

Let's just write and see where it goes! Thank you to all my recent customers and friends who have taken an interest in I Am Grog.

I knew when I started this that different aspects would appeal more to some than others, not all rock fans would get my experimentation, not all music fans would be interested in jewellery, not all yogis would be into the other stuff I do.. and so on... I also started out with the intention of blogging a lot more extensively.

The reality is I still really believe in the direction of the site because for me it's linked to my commitment to embrace yoga in everything I do. We all know yoga's not just a physical practice and yet I think there's a tendency for yoga to be viewed as something we give specific amounts of time to, whether it's on the mat, meditating, chanting mantras, studying..

 From the time of my teacher training I fell in love with the idea that it should be a continuous flow, giving a constant source of connection to the inner voice of wisdom.  Yes, we dedicate time to asana, reading, sadhana, journaling.... but in life we can be 'in yoga' when we apply what we learn to all situations, so it's not something we turn on and off like a light switch.

Having had a long and continuing career fronting Die So Fluid, and given the stereotypical ideas (yawn) of what constitutes a 'rockstar', I knew I was probably putting myself in the firing line for a few challenging, negative or confused responses. That's ok.

Why do anything with the intention of hiding in a safe generic place. I've always been allergic to cliques and sheep mentality anyway. There is a wonderful power in simply being who you are. 

I think my lack of blogging has been to do with needing space to ease into all this naturally, and just 'do me' for a while. It's pretty interesting watching reactions to different kinds of instagram posts. I'll be very happy the day I get more 'likes' for something that involves reading words than a pic of me posing around for the band haha.

It drives you to the thought process of "should I just make this all about music, should I make a new separate yoga account.. etc etc, but I will just keep coming back to "NO! Cus I want my online presence to reflect that it's all connected, we are all connected.

Creativity is sacred. My lyrics contain messages. For some the content may feel uncomfortable, it should because it discusses reality, and this is an intensely transformational time. Although we may not wish to dwell on the darkness, we have to recognise it's existence along with the light. That duality runs throughout yoga, it's what Ha-tha means, sun/moon... inhale-exhale, feminine-male....we are seeking balance. The world is recalibrating right now. 

I came upon this in an article recently: 'While some find that their spiritual practice leads them to create mandala paintings or poems dedicated to the Divine, the work doesn’t have to contain spiritual imagery or focus on joyful themes in order to express yogic sensibilities. “A piece of art that is about destruction can be infinite and uplifting at the same time, if it contains great awareness and comes from your whole humanity,” says Kaur Khalsa.' 

I have found a further yoga training in Rishikesh India which I just know is where I am going, and get this it's called 'Sattva' - WHOLE- when the time is right and I have the funds. I can close my eyes and smell the air there. In fact when I meditate, sometimes I'm already there. 

My solo music is on hold for the time being while we give precedence to the release of the new Die So Fluid album 'One Bullet From Paradise'. March 30 baby! There's a bunch of videos we've created that we're pretty proud of and looking forward to sharing with you. As soon as we have a plan for the debut Grog album I'll share the news...  

Pictured are some labradorite pyramid rings I made. You can find a passage about its healing qualities on instagram. Someone on there kept me on my toes about that- thanks for keeping me grounded! All I know is they look cool, feel good to wear and were made with love.